IncomING mail 3

Receivers: The contestants
Subject: You are not the mole, you are totally trustworthy!

Contestants, You can all be trusted. None of you is the mole! But only three of you have received this information. Do share this with the others, of course!

Attached to this email number 3 you receive some clues. Together with your team members you are to solve 4 puzzles. When you hear “Happy” by Pharrell, you know you have reached your goal.

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Other pieces:


You can earn a maximum of 2500 mol-euro’s with this game. The score of your team is these 2500 minus any hints you buy, minus any money the mole costs you.

The Mole
The mole has special assignments that can cost you money. Can you uncover the mole? If, at the end of the game, you best discovered who the mole was and what his or her tasks were, you are the winner of the game!

A piece of advice: coordinate and communicate. Think aloud, divide tasks and do not huddle around the same problem all the time. That is how the Mole wins!

We wish you a lot of fun and remember: trust nobody!

Rik Rooijhuizen.