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Includes three specialty beers, glass anD opener
Including personal game supervisor
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Is your calender empty again because you can no longer see your friends, family or colleagues because of the current measures?

We have the ideal solution! In collaboration with Hert Bier, we present a digital interactive beer tasting experience including a video tour of the brewery. Beforehand you will receive three specialty beers including a specialty beer glass and a beer opener. During the activity you can taste together from a video call, enjoy a fun and educational tour and test your beer knowledge in the beer quiz.

How does beer tour work?
We ensure that every player receives a beer package on time. In the booking confirmation you will find a link to the video call in which the interactive video tour and beer quiz are presented. Share this link with you group members and make sure that you are ready for the magic moment! During the virtual tour, there are three tasting opportunities. You can assess each beer after the tasting moment via a form. In between you will play a beer quiz. So make sure you got your phone ready and charged because you can give your answers through your phone.

The more the merrier…
You can play this game with a lot of people. Thanks to our experience in guiding large groups we can guarantee all an optimal game experience for every single player.

€ 25.00,- per person ex. VAT
IncludiNg three beers, opener anD a special beer glass.

Watch the trailer above (in dutch)

The ideal activity during present time!

Online beertour info:

   Number of players

from 6 to unlimited

   Playing time

60 minutes


Zoom en


30,25 pp incl. VAT

   Available languages

Dutch and English (subtitles)


We are happy to answer all your questions. As soon as you request a quote or request a booking via the form on our website you will get in touch with one of our event planners. You can then immediately ask all your questions. Thanks for understanding!


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Highly recommended, this digital beertour. Informative yet also very fun.
Lees verder
Delicious specialty beers, fun to do with everyone from their own living room. That's how we get through the lockdown! Thanks Social Spel!
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A lot of fun to do! Super well set up and very nice! We had a lot of fun with it!
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Wow, this was cool. Even if you don't like specialty beer, it's great fun to do.

Frequently asked questiOns

Our online Beertour is a unique experience where you get an educational tour of the Hert Bier brewery from a video call while enjoying a few specialty beers. 

We will go through it step by step: 

  1. As soon as you have made an reservation, you will immediately receive a form from us to provide the addresses to which the beer packages must be sent. We ensure that the beers are deliverd on time.
  2. In the booking confirmation you will find the link to the video call in which the interactive beertour and beerquiz will are presented. Share this with your group members and make sure you are ready at the ‘magical moment’.
  3. During the tour, there are three tasting moments. You can assess each beer via a tasting form.
  4. In between you can also participate in the beer quiz. Make sure you have your phone ready and charged, because you can give your answers through your phone.


The online beerexperience takes approximately 1 hour.

A lot! No request is too crazy in that regard. Please contact us if you want to play this with the entire company or at an event, we can facilitate you in various ways.

The minimum age to participate is 18.

Not that much 😄

We provide the specialty beers, a glass and opener in advance. You only need access to the internet and a laptop / computer / tablet and smartphone.

You can view the tour on your laptop / computer / tablet and take part in the beer quiz and rate the beers via your smartphone.

No, we will send three beers that form a beautiful whole in this tasting experience. It concerns a wheat beer, bock beer and a triple beer.

We are open 7 days a week and up to 15 hours a day. Is your preferred time available? Let us know, we are happy to arrange it for you! 

You can participate from 8 people. For all groups up to 80 people you can select a time and complete the booking. 

You will follow the tour together with any participants but you don’t hear or see them, and they won’t see you. You do play the beer quiz against the other participants. We share interim scores and use the name that you provide during the beer experience.


The costs per person are € 25.o0, exclusive shipping costs. During the reservation you can choose to deliver the beer packages to 1 or more adresses.

Payment can be done quickly and safely via iDeal.

Ha, easy question!

We accompany each game personally! You are not talking to a computer but to one of our involved game supervisors. Interaction and fun are very important to us! 

Definitely! We are proud of the companies that preceded you. Such as: Eneco, Cruise Travel, University of Twente, the VvAA, BDO Accountants, Randstad and much more. offers exactly that piece of fun and relaxation that you are currently missing. We provide the best online interactive solution to do something cool with colleagues during the lockdown!

Yes, we have: ‘the best gift for in quarantine!

Click here to buy a gift voucher directly online. This will be sent digitally immediately and can be exchanged immediately.



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