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A successful security company, two directors, 15 employees, a lustrum celebration… and then things go wrong! What is happening in this company? One thing is sure, director Edmund Braafheid is afraid of what is going on, but what is going on? He is unable to put his finger on it. That is why he is enlisting the best detectives he could find. Detectives, can you help Edmund out in this escape room full of lies, tricks & deceit and high-tech equipment?

Frequently asked questIONS

Follow The Money is the online escape room of 2021! A great adventure in times of lockdown. Via a WhatsApp group, you will receive information from director Edmund Braafheid. By solving challenges, puzzles and mysteries, you will help Edmund figure out a great secret. You will agree on a time with your friends/familiy and add Edmund. The 60 minutes start…

Step-by-step plan

  1. Create a WhatsApp group with the participating players. The name of the WhatsApp group is in the confirmation mail.
  2. Create a video call (such as Teams, Skype, Zoom, Hangout or a similar app) to be able to live chat with each other.
  3. Make sure all team members are ready in time.
  4.  In the confirmation mail of your booking, you will find the telephone number of Edmund Braafheid. You will add this telephone number 10 minutes prior to starting to your WhatsApp group.
  5. The director will give the start signal and is availble for questions and tips.
  6. From the moment the game starts, you will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery. You will need the computer for online sleuthing!

 Better believe us, this will be the best our of your quarantine! ✌

The game can be played by minimally 3 persons. You do not have to be in the same location to play this game. You can keep in contact by video call. The best game experience will be with 3-8 payers per group. 

It is also possible to book multiple groups at the same time. You can book online for 3-24 persons.

It is also possible to play this online escape room with even larger groups.  Request a quotation if you are interested!

Make sure you are all ready in one
WhatsApp group 10 minutes before the time slot you booked starts.

the confirmation mail of your booking, you will find the mobile number of Edmund Braafheid, the director of the security company. 10 minutes before the game starts, you will add
this number to your WhatsApp group and Edmund will start the game….


The costs are 9.75 including VAT per

Attention: for larger groups (more than
24 persons), we can offer a tailor-made quote. It is also possible to pay by

Payment can be done quickly and safely
with iDeal.

Really not that many!

Om Follow The Money te kunnen oplossen heb je het volgende nodig: To play Follow The Money, you need the following:

  • a computer/laptop with a good internet connection.
  • WhatsApp, to contact Edmund Braafheid. 
  • a VideoCall connection with your team members

During the game, you will be in contact with the director of the security company. He will help you on your way and is available for questions. The director can take on a lot, but we like to keep things manageable for him.😉

The game is certainly not easy, but
luckily you can call in the add of the director of the Hoogeboom College when

So far, more than 60% of the groups
succeeds in solving the game within the hour.

If you do not succeed in solving the
mystery within one hour, you can still play on to solve the mystery.

You will always win! 😎

Our online escape room is booked per person and not per household. You pay per person for the experience you are going to get. And it is absolutely worth it!

Certainly! The director will remain available during the game and loves to help out. He also wants to solve the mystery after all!

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They have played THE game before:
Eveline Teunissen
Eveline Teunissen
Lees verder
This game really took us out of the 'Coronabubble'. I played it safely in my room, but felt so good to play this online escape room: follow the money!
Mirthe Drost
Mirthe Drost
Lees verder
Escape room, but digital. Had a nice. rush playing follow the money! Was well put together 😄
Cathy Dingsté
Cathy Dingsté
Lees verder
Amazing game to play with friends and family from a distance! Highly recommended for everyone looking for something fun to do.

Play this online escape room in groups of 3 to 8 persons. The number of groups that can start at the same time is unlimited.

Number of persons:

Up to 24 persons, you can easily book online and pay lter with PayPal. Click on the option ‘Book online now’.

If you are not sure about the date and the amount of persons you can request a quote and receive more information by clicking on:  ‘Booking Form’

Our Escape Rooms are perfect to play with bigger groups. Click on: Booking Form in order to request a quote and more information. After one of our event planners will get in touch with you soon. 


Send everyone a box full of goodness. This will make the experience compleet. We offer some different boxes, all delicious!

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