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Teamwork, persuasion, time pressure and 1 mole. Would you dare, together with your friends, family or colleagues, to play this game full of lies and mistrust? Because remember: in this game you can’t really trust anyone. The goal of the game is that you ’together’ as a team will ensure that at everyones screen ‘HAPPY’ will appear. Aren’t we all ready for that? Some happiness during this period! But the Mole probably thinks differently about this matter… Puzzles and riddles must be solved and codes cracked within 1 hour, to achieve this. But there is one catch: one of you IS – THE – MOLE! Can you find out who it is?

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Escape the Mole is the online escape game where the interaction between the participants is exciting and incredibly funny at the same time. Through a WhatsApp message 3 participant will receive puzzle pieces to complete the team assignment within the hour.  

Step-by-step plan

1. You will receive instructions and a form to submit the phone numbers of all participants.
2. When we receive the phone numbers, one of you, specially selected by us, will receive the mole instructions by WhatsApp. This way he or she can prepare well.
3. You start a VideoCall with your group. You choose the software you want to use. We will not take part in the VideoCall.
4. You start a WhatsApp group with your team members and add the Escape the Mole operator, according to later instructions, to the WhatsApp group.
5. The game starts with our instructions and during the game we actively guide you in the WhatsApp group with tips, hints, questions and other fun comments. Interaction & fun is very important to us!
6. During the game a team assignment must be completed within 1 hour. With of course 1 catch: there is 1 mole.
7. Will you make it within the hour and how many mol euro’s will you collect? And will you be able to figure out who the mole is?

Believe us, this will be the best hour during the lockdown!

The game can be played with a minimum of 5 players. You do not have to be at the same location to play this game. By using a VideoCall you can take on the game challenge from a distance. You will have the best game experience with 8 to 10 players per group.

It is also possible to play the Escape the Mole game with even larger groups. Ask here for a quote for larger groups of family/friends or colleagues. 

Make sure you are complete in both the VideoCall as well as the WhatsApp group 10 minutes before the start of your reserved time slot.

At the start of the game, three participants will receive an email with puzzle pieces and instructions. You will absolutely need these.  The mole operator will start the game with you in the WhatsApp group bu sharing instructions. 


The cost is €9,75 excluding VAT per participant.

Please note that for larger groups (more than 33 people) we can make a custom price. It is also possible to request a quote.

When you book online you can do so quickly and safely via iDeal.

Fortunately, this is not much!

To be able to solve Escape the Mole you will need the following:

– A computer/laptop with a good internet connection
– A VideoCall connection
– A phone with WhatsApp (during the game we recommend using on the computer/laptop)

During the game you will be in contact with the mole operator. He helps you on your way in the game and is available for questions and hints in the WhatsApp group. The appointments with the mole operators must be planned and scheduled.

The game is certainly not easy. But, luckily you can call on teammates to help think things through. Or can’t you? No one can really be trusted during this game…. 

So far, more than 70% of the groups manage to solve the game within the hour.

If you don’t manage to do it within the hour, you lose mol euro’s…

Our Escape the Mole game is booked per person and not per household. So you pay per person for the experience you get. This is absolutely worth it!

Definitely! The mole operator will remain reachable in the WhatsApp group during the game and, if the Mole really gives you a hard time, he can give hints in the chat. Please note that this will cost you Moleuros!


They have played THE game before:
Arnaud van Gelder
Arnaud van Gelder
Lees verder
For the lover of the challenging, adventurous TV program. Nice and cozy to be busy together with this online experience ...
Bram Snijders
Bram Snijders
Lees verder
A fun and challenging game. As mole you can 'mole' wonderfully and influence the game. This is so much fun. This game is really something for groups who are used to solving tricky questions online.
Britt Pfrommer
Britt Pfrommer
Lees verder
Escape the Mole is really hilarious to play with your friends. No one really trusts each other so you get funny situations. The puzzles are pretty tricky, but you can also ask for hints from the game facilitator. Super fun to do!

Play Escape the Mole in groups of 5 to 11 people. The number of groups starting at the same time is unlimited. 

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Send everyone a box full of goodness. This will make the experience compleet. We offer some different boxes, all delicious!

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