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The essence of knowledge is to use it!

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The essence of knowledge is to use it and for this reason we have developed the online SocialQuiz. Test your knowledge during the 6 rounds: General, Sights, History, Music Intro’s, Sports and Logos. Compete against friends, family and colleagues in the SocialQuiz. You can decide for yourself whether you play individually or in teams.

How does the SocialQuiz work?
This online pub quiz has been recorded by our own quizmaster and can be played by you at any time! Our personal game supervisor assesses the answers of all teams, gives intermediate scores and can answer any questions. A connection will be made with the game master via Zoom. If you want to play in teams, you can set up a video call yourself to communicate with your team. The answers can be filled in on Who knows how to answer most questions correctly and can call themselves the winners of the SocialQuiz?

The more the merrier…
You can of course also play this game with multiple teams at the same time. The more the merrier! Challenge another team with your team and take on this crazy battle with each other. Fun comes first, and yet there can only be one winner here.

You can book directly for 80 participants via the button below.

PER PERSON, excluding VAT

Socialquiz info:

   Number of groups


   Number of players per group

Individual or 4-5

   Playing time

60-90 minutes




9,75 pp excl. vat

   Available languages

English and Dutch


We are happy to answer all your questions. As soon as you request a quote or request a booking via the form on our website you will get in touch with one of our event planners. You can then immediately ask all your questions. Thanks for understanding!


These people aready played!​
Theo Van de Kamp
Theo Van de Kamp
Lees verder
Super cool set up. A nice and remote activity.
Maaike Van der Valk
Maaike Van der Valk
Lees verder
We had a super evening. Very nice that we could play it here from Austria with friends in the Netherlands! The game was well put together. Highly recommended.
Laura Camper
Laura Camper
Lees verder
This game really took us out of the 'Coronabubble'. I played it safely in my room :))
Marina de Jong
Marina de Jong
Lees verder
Had a very nice afternoon with friends in the second lockdown. There were a few difficult questions, but in the end my team won!

frequently asked questions​

Our online pub quiz is personally supervised by a quiz master. He will assess the answers of all teams, provide intermediate scores and answer any questions.

We will go through the game step by step with you:  

1. The quiz is played individually or in teams of 4 to 5 people.
2. You will receive a link to a Zoom connection (other software is also possible in consultation). One of our game supervisors will share the SocialQuiz with you in here.
3. The answers of the SocialQuiz can be filled in  on You will receive the login code for this at the start of the SocialQuiz in zoom.
4. Standings will follow during the Quiz!
5. The final score will of course follow afterwards!

With the quarantine and working from home, many people notice that everyone is increasingly living in their own bubble. We all start to miss those crazy funny moments together at the office or with friends. This game is the solution to get everyone out of their own bubble. It is also a good time to test your general knowledge on the topics: General, Sights, History, Music intros, Sports and Logos.

Good question! With as many people as you want!

First of all, it is important to know that we recommend playing in teams of 4-5 people per group, but it is also possible to play individually. We do not have a minimum or maximum number of groups and online reservations can be made for up to 80 people.

The social quiz lasts an average of 75 minutes.

A lot! No request is too crazy in that regard. Please contact us if you want to play this with the entire company, we can facilitate you in various ways.

Ha, easy question!

We accompany each game personally! You are not talking to a computer but to one of our involved game supervisors. Interaction and fun are very important to us! 

We are open 7 days a week and up to 15 hours a day. Is your preferred time available? Let us know, we are happy to arrange it for you! 

Definitely! We are proud of the companies that preceded you. Such as: Eneco, Cruise Travel, University of Twente, the VvAA, BDO Accountants, Randstad and much more.

Yes, we have: ‘the best gift for in quarantine!

Click here to buy a gift voucher directly online. This will be sent digitally immediately and can be exchanged immediately. offers exactly that piece of fun and relaxation that you are currently missing. We provide the best online interactive solution to do something cool with colleagues during the lockdown!

Are you ready?​