THE 'Hoogeboom Mystery'

Number 1. WHATSAPP-GAME for small or large groups
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The Story
The board and the staff of the Holland-based International Hoogeboom School are in really great panic. The country is shut due to a virus outbreak and schools have to switch to digital home education. And just then the school’s IT manager, Pieter de Roon, suddenly disappeared. It’s nothing for de Roon, to just disappear… Every sign of life is missing. You have been called in to help the school find de Roon and solve this mystery.

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A group

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The most exciting and fun hour during lockdown!


They preceded you
Bram van Vulpen
Bram van Vulpen
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Met dit spel doorbreek je echt de corona-sleur. Veilig in je kamer, maar de hartslag van een echte escaperoom!
Sven Goedhart
Sven Goedhart
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Echt een leuke avond gehad door het spelen van een online escape room! Door dit spel voelt het, mede door de spanning, alsof je een uur in een andere wereld zit. Een toffe ervaring die ik iedereen aanraad!
Lisanne Leune
Lisanne Leune
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Superleuk spel om met vrienden te spelen op afstand! Zeker een aanrader
Laura Camper
Laura Camper
Lees verder
Top vermaak met je vrienden op afstand in quarantaine tijd! 🤩
Martijn Bos
Martijn Bos
Lees verder
Escaperoom, maar dan digitaal. Leuke speurtocht gehad! Zat goed in elkaar 😄

Frequently Asked QuestiONs

The game can be played with a minimum of 2 till a maximum of 8 players. You don’t have to be at the same location to play. The best game experience you will experience playing with 4 till 6 players. 

It’s also possible to play our online escape room with large groups. Have a look here in case you are interested in playing with your company and have a look here for large groups of family/friends.

The Hoogeboom Musterie is a cool adventure in times of quarantaine. In the app group you will receive your assignments of the principal of the school. By logging in to secret websites, by solving puzzles and by tracing hints you will be able to unravel all secrets. You arrange a time with your family/friends and you add the principal. At this moment the 60 minutes playtime starts. 

Steps to follow

  1. Create a WhatsApp group with all participants. The name of the WhatsApp group will be shared with you in the confirmation email
  2. You set up a video call with your group. You choose the software you would like to use yourself. We will not participate in the video call. 
  3. Share all important information in the WhatsApp group
  4. Make sure all the participants are ready in time
  5. In the confirmation letter you will also find the phone number of Dhr. Dremstijn, the head principal. You can add this phone number to the WhatsApp group. 
  6. The principal will start the game at the starting time and will be available for questions and to think along
  7. At the moment the game starts you will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery. 



  1. At least one participant is able to make use of the internet on a laptop/computer. This makes it easier to search. 


Important tips:

  1. The video call mentioned before has been found very useful for groups during the game in order to work and think well together. We advise you to make use of Skype, Teams, Hangouts Houseparty or another app to communicate with your time during the game. 


Also do not forget to communicate in the WhatsApp group, this makes the interaction with the head principal much more fun. 

We can ensure you, this will be the most fun hour during quarantaine!

During the game you will be in contact with the principal of the International Hoogeboom School. He will accompany the game and will be available for questions. The principal can cope with a lot, but we like to keep it all manageable for him.
Not that much! Everyone that participates has to be in the same WhatsApp group. Besides, a minimum of one person needs to be able to use the internet. Because of this a good connection with the internet is needed. The person(s) using the internet can search best with the use of a laptop/computer. We also advise to make use of a video call using Skype, Teams or a Google Hangouts call.
Make sure you will be all set in one WhatsApp group 10 minutes prior to the reserved time. In the confirmation email you can find the phone number of Mr. Dremstijn, the head principal. 10 minutes prior to the game you can add this number and the game can finally start…. Exciting!

Definitely! The principal will be available throughout the game and likes to think along. After all.. The mystery has to be solved as soon as possible!

The Hoogeboom Mystery can be played by everyone above the 12 years old. Groups with only children from 12 to 16 are advised to not play alone.

The Hoogeboom Mystery is not scary, but exciting. You will search together and the ghoul is to solve the mystery within 60 minutes. Consequently you will feel the pressure and excitement. 


We can ensure you, this will be the most fun hour during quarantaine!

The game won’t be easy. But, thankfully you can always ask the principal for help and to think along. 

Up till now more than 60% of the groups have managed to solve the mystery within one hour. 

In case you won’t be able to make it within one hour, you can still play further till you solve the mystery. 

Always a win situation!

The costs per group are €39,- per game regardless of the amount of people you play. 

Payments can be made quick and safe using iDeal.

Yes we do! We like to say: ‘the most fun present during these times of quarantaine!’

Have a look here to order a gift voucher online. This will be sent directly to you and can be used immediately and whenever the receiver likes.

Are you ready?